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There is no better feeling than to know you own tens or even hundreds of square meters to your name. Knowing that your family is safe, comfortable, and joyful in their home.

Turkish government offers three plans for you and your family to taste this feeling for real. Purchase a property for $50,000 USD in Turkey or $75,000 USD in Istanbul. 

Rent Properties

Some investors prefer liquidity and mobility, which is why they turn to rent. The rent price is varied and manageable for your budget. Please bear in mind that since 2022, the Turkish Immigration agency will no longer issue residence permits by renting a property. For more information, do contact our experts. 

Start Business

Make Turkey the foundation for your business to grow and expand into a much larger market. The Turkish government promotes businesses and supports their establishments in Turkey. 

Experience the difference

ViHa Properties

This is the perfect place for you to find your desired place in Istanbul.

Become a Turkish Citizen

Purchase Your Home

ViHa Properties in Istanbul offers the opportunity to purchase a property of your dreams in one of the city‘s most soughtafter and vibrant neighborhoods. With a wide selection of buildings and units to choose from, you can find something to suit your needs and budget whether you‘re looking for a modern apartment, a luxurious villa or a spacious family home. ViHa Properties also offers an experienced team of local real estate professionals who will be able to provide you with all the help and advice you need to make an informed decision.

Investing in a property from ViHa Properties in Istanbul is a great decision for those looking for a safe and secure investment. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, their team of experts will make sure you get the most out of your investment. As well as a great selection of options, ViHa Properties also offers competitive prices, excellent customer service and unbeatable value. With the help of the team at ViHa Properties, you can be sure of a smooth and stressfree purchase process.

Settle in Istanbul

Incorporate in Turkiye

Register your business at revenue service, open your corporate bank account, and start/continue doing business from Istanbul to the world.

Develop Online

Think global and develop your online business through genius marketing methods combined with AI-powered strategies to cater to your clients.

Get Started

Invest in Turkiye

With ViHa Properties in Istanbul, you can find the perfect building to set up your business in one of the city’s most vibrant and buzzing districts. Whether you’re looking for a modern office space, a luxurious retail unit or a spacious warehouse, ViHa Properties can offer you a selection of options to suit your needs and budget. They also have a team of knowledgeable real estate experts on hand to provide professional advice and guidance throughout the process.

Investing in a property from ViHa Properties in Istanbul is an ideal solution for those looking to expand their business and make Istanbul their hub. With our team of local professionals, you can be sure of a hassle-free purchase process and excellent customer service. ViHa Properties also offers competitive prices, unbeatable value and the ability to customize and tailor your property to suit your business needs. It is about time you make your dreams of starting a successful business in Istanbul a reality.

ViHa Properties Help you come up with ideas


Determine the type of business you’d like to start and the target market you plan to serve.

ViHa Properties helps you devise a business plan

business plan

Prepare the outline and plan the steps you will take to launch and run your business.

ViHa Properties registration service


Register your business with the Turkish government Istanbul Ticaret Odasi.

ViHa Properties finds you the perfect location


Find a suitable location for your business that meets your needs and budget.

ViHa Properties strengthens your business infrastructure


Set up the infrastructure, such as a website, office space, and other equipment.

ViHa Properties markets your products or services


Develop a marketing strategy and promote your business to your target audience

“ViHa Properties helped me and my family settle down in Istanbul, Beylikduzu district, where my family feels comfortable, and I can calmly focus on teaching English at my online academy.”

Kasra, Co-founder of Juice Academy

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